LG Battery - LGIP-340A for LG KM710

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- Product Code: BG-LGIP-340A
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LG Battery - LGIP-340A for LG KM710

Genuine Battery LG LGLGIP-340A

Whether you're looking for a spare battery or to replace the original which has run out of juice, look no further than the genuine LG LGIP-340A. As it is made by LG, it is the exact same battery that came with your phone. As such, you can be sure of complete compatibility with your device and chargers, and can expect the same talk time and standby time as you received when your phone was brand new. To get the most out of your battery, we recommend you complete 3 full recharge and discharge cycles at the start of its life.

- Capacity: 950mAh
- Type: Lithium-ion Polymer.
- Voltage: 3.7V
- Official genuine replacement part LGIP-340A
- Identical to the battery supplied with the phone


Type Li-Ion 950 mAh
Voltage 3.7V



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LG Battery - LGIP-340A for LG KM710
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