Bluetooth Handsfree Car Phone Holder

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Bluetooth Handsfree Car Phone Holder

1.If you are unable to connect Bluetooth Car Kit to the cell phone, please check and try the following stops:
-Ensure the Bluetooth Car Kit is switched on
-Ensure the Bluetooth Car Kit is paired with your cell phone successfully(Please refer to your cell phone’s user guide for specific instruction for pairing)
-Ensure the device is with in a maximum of 10 meters of the mobile phone and there is no obstructions, such as walls or other electronic device.
2. If paring operations fail:
a. Delete the item(s) from the paired list on your cell phone
b. Reset both the cell phone and Bluetooth Car Kit device by powering them off and then restart
c. If there are two mobile phones connected with the Bluetooth car kit, please delete the Bluetooth Car Kit from one mobile phone first before use.
3. If there is no sound from FM audio output
-Ensure the frequency of Bluetooth Car Kit and Car audio is in same.
4. Sound is distorted or a murmur.
Appropriately adjust device’s volume to improve sound effect. Such as turn up the volume too high, a murmur will might be caused by the built-in speaker and FM transmit.

Built- in Li battery (600mAh)
Multi-functional phone holder
DSP technology, Full duplex, noise and echo suppression
Voice prompt function
87.5-108.0MHz Full FM Frequencies
Pick-up/End/Reject call/ hand-free talking
Supports MP3,WMA music play
Supports Bluetooth audio play
Supports USB Charging 5V/2A
Remember the last frequency, track and recall them when restarting
Infrared remote control.
Bluetooth auto connection after power on
Built- in 3W speaker output
Charging indicator (the light will be off while battery is full)



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Bluetooth Handsfree Car Phone Holder
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