BlackBerry External Charger for BlackBerry Battery E-M1

- Brand: BlackBerry
- Product Code: BC-E-M1
- Availability: In Stock


External Battery Charger Micro USB for the BlackBerry battery E-M1.

*Sold without battery

If you need the flexibility of an extra battery, you will appreciate the options this external battery charger gives you. There's no need to keep your Blackberry phone plugged in while it's charging - simply swap one battery for a fully charged replacement and you can take your phone wherever your busy day takes you, while your first battery recharges.

With a separate USB port that allows you to recharge both a spare battery and your Blackberry phone simultaneously, this is the ultimate charging accessory. Requires a charger of your choice: Micro USB car charger, travel charger or USB cable.

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BlackBerry External Charger for BlackBerry Battery E-M1
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