ASUS View Flip Cover for ASUS ZenFone 5/5 4G - White

- Brand: Asus
- Product Code: LFVC-ZenFone5
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  • Protects your screen from any scratches, scrapes or dent. The inner cover of microfiber film provides your ZenFone display with a soft layer of protection.
  • Simply remove the existing back cover and snap on this replacement with a single click.
  • ASUS View Flip Cover provides you all important information while on-the-go, without having to open the case. You can view incoming calls, messages and note the time easily.
  • Automatically answer the call through the gap or by opening the case. 

Express your Attitude with colorful mobility

Developed with the Zen philosophy in mind, ZenFone also knows what you need. The ZenFone family comes with a wide range of accessories, designed to protect your phone and improve your experience, perfectly combining style and durability. Tough but very tactile materials let the ZenFone accessories protect and perfectly accompany your device - you just choose your favorite style and color.

The View Flip Cover offers numerous improvements to give this accessory incomparable functions for enhanced interaction with your device. Just by closing the case and with a new viewing window, the most important information will always be reachable with a finger. 3 main pages accessible with infinite loop, the viewing window lets you check the time, the weather and more.

Quick to learn, easy to control

The View Flip Cover gives you a window to the world of Zen, with snippets of information always in view - you can even answer calls without opening the cover. With special ASUS app design touches, you can become the master of information without having to spend more than a couple of seconds looking at your phone.


Cases & Covers
Features Screen Protection
Finishes Solid Colour
Material Leather

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ASUS View Flip Cover for ASUS ZenFone 5/5 4G - White
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